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APKON Sp. z o.o. was established in 2001. Our company's field is fruit and vegetables processing. We are a medium-sized manufacturing company located in the south of Poland, in Przemysl, Podkarpackie Province, 86 km from Rzeszow.

The company is represented by Mr Bartlomiej Debicki, President of the Company Management Board.

"Apkon" Sp. z o.o. is situated at 63 Bohaterow Getta St. Until recently, the street was part of the urban section of the international A-4 route running from the Polish-German border at Zgorzelec in the west to the Polish-Ukrainian border at Medyka in the east.

In 2005, due to the support obtained from Structural Transformation Funds, our company purchased some state-of-art machinery and equipment, including a Bucher press and a Bucher ultra-filtration system, and in 2006, we purchased a new distillation plant from the B&P Engineering company. The purchase of the above equipment allowed us to improve productivity, quality and safety of our products.
In 2005, we launched the implementation of the HACCP system with the purpose of further improvement of the quality of our products.

The condensed apple juice manufactured by our company is sold for the most part in foreign markets, principally in Germany, although it also popular among many Polish companies that willingly purchase our product.

Our main objective is to make APKON a synonym of the highest quality and to win and maintain the confidence of both the supplies and the customers.

Our company's priority is a close cooperation with neighbouring agricultural producers. We care for the growth of plantings in fruit plantations - mainly apple-tree orchards - through subsidizing purchases of nursery-garden material. Year in, year out, we systematically undertake measures aimed at increasing plantings and developing the contracting system.

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